Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Control improves the quality of life of all Portsmouth and Scioto County residents by responding to and investigating communicable diseases. The Portsmouth City Health Department closely follows the mandate of the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for reporting and control of communicable diseases. The primary role of Public Health Nursing is in surveillance- monitoring the number of cases and types of communicable diseases and illnesses in the community, to identify trends and patterns in the population. When indicated, Public Health Nurses conduct follow-up investigations which include interviewing persons affected by communicable disease. In addition, Public Health Nurses educate individuals and the general public regarding communicable diseases and how to prevent transmission, in order to minimize or halt the spread of illness.

Reportable diseases are conditions that, due to their infectious nature and the risks they pose in being spread to others, are mandated under Ohio law to be reported to the local health department for follow-up. Primary responsibility to report these diseases rests with health care providers, hospitals, and laboratories, but anyone with knowledge of a reportable disease is encouraged to report. Recommended preventive measures might include vaccination, treatment of other individuals exposed to the illness, or temporary restriction from work or school.

Click here for the ABC’s of Communicable Disease. It includes a list of all reportable communicable diseases Health care providers, hospitals, and laboratories also report communicable diseases to the Health Department. Remember, anyone can report a communicable disease! During regular business hours, call 740.353-5153, the same number is used after-hours public health emergencies, you will be transferred to the Scioto County Sheriff Dispatch (this option is provided for public health emergencies ONLY – not general calls, appointment requests, or to leave staff messages).

If you are looking for the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Communicable Disease Poster, click here. You will be taken to the ODH online Infectious Disease Control Manual. There is a link to order a poster from ODH. You may also click here for a PDF.