Land Reutilization Program

The goal of the Land Reutilization program is to purposefully acquire blighted properties, return them to productive use and improve the quality of life for Portsmouth residents.  Citizens that wish to purchase one of these properties may fill out an application at the link below,. The submitted applications will then be reviewed by a neighborhood advisory committee.  PLEASE NOTE:  After you acquire the property, you must bring it into compliance with city ordinances.  This means that if you purchase a vacant house, you will need to renovate it, or have it demolished.  If you buy an empty lot, you must make sure the lot is maintained.

If you are interested in an abandoned property that is not on the list below, you may contact us, and we will determine if it is a candidate for the Land Reutilization Program.  Properties must be vacant and tax delinquent for three years to qualify.

If you have any questions about the program, you can reach us at or (740) 354-8910.

Land Reutilization Properties For Sale Updated 12-6-18

Land Reutilization Property Purchaser Application