Reproductive Health and Wellness
(Family Planning) Program

The Portsmouth City Health Department receives funding for the Reproductive Health and Wellness Clinic from the Ohio Department of Health.

Reproductive Health and Wellness (RHWP) focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, contraception and family planning for adolescent and adult males and females who meet the RHWP eligibility requirements. The program assists clients in developing a reproductive life plan. Through education and provision of contraceptives that meet their personal needs, clients are provided the resources to have children when they are ready, healthy, and free of disease. In addition to the medical care provided to our clients, there is a strong emphasis on education related to prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, on benefits and risks of various types of birth control, and on screening and preventative care, to optimize general health.

The following services are offered through this program:

• General women and men’s health screening and care to promote good health and prevent disease
• Cancer screening
• Pap Smears
• Pregnancy screening, initial prenatal care, and referral
• Contraceptive counseling, education, and care
• Screening, education on prevention, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
• Adolescent services, including encouragement of family involvement and education on sexual coercion
• HPV and other forms of vaccination
• Laboratory testing
• Education on breast self-exam and testicular self-exam
• Free HIV testing
• Nutritional counseling and education
• Partner violence screening and support
• Human trafficking screening and support
• Smoking cessation education and support

NEW CLIENT FORM     INFORMATION    Family Planning (clients are eligible for sliding scale fees at 100% discount.)- Birth Control, STI Testing, Pregnancy Tests, Annual Physical Exam, etc.