HIV/STD Division

HIV/STD Division

Halea A. Hatten, MSE

HIV/STD Program Coordinator


Kyle Mitchell

Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS)

Elayna Born

Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS)

The HIV/STD division is a source of information and treatment to local health departments, hospitals, and treatment facilities. Prevention is a staple of their educational outreach initiatives and the division provides a variety of sexual health resources to health departments, clinics, local events, and community partners. 

The goal of the HIV/STD Division is to provide optimal care, resources, and information regarding HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C within the 20 counties they serve.

The HIV/STD Division is responsible for the care and prevention of communicable diseases. The staff is equipped with a Program Coordinator and Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) that provide services to 20 counties within the Southern Ohio region.

The DIS provide services within the counties that include HIV/Hepatitis C screenings and testing, referrals to PrEP/PEP, HIV care and treatment, and provide sexual health education.

The Program Coordinator oversees the 20 counties to ensure continuous services and care are provided to the regions. 

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