Air Division

The Portsmouth Local Air Agency

Cindy Charles




The Portsmouth Local Air Agency

The Air Division, or the Portsmouth Local Air Agency (PLAA), works as a contractual representative of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The PLAA monitors the compliance status of the businesses and industries with air pollution sources in the four-county region (Adams, Scioto, Lawrence, Brown, and Highland).

Additionally, the PLAA prepares permits, conducts facility inspections and reviews quarterly deviation and excess emission reports, observes source stack tests, reviews and issues or denies permission to open burn, monitors asbestos removal activities, initiates enforcement actions and responds to air quality complaints.

The PLAA also maintains continuous and intermittent monitors measuring pollutants on a daily basis throughout its four-county area in Southern Ohio. The PLAA performs anti-tampering (vehicle emission control devices) inspections and observes and validates stack (source) testing that occurs in the four-county area.

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